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About Us | FlipIp | Let Your Last Patent Fund Your Next Success

FlipIP is our answer to the question “why is it so difficult to sell a patent?”  It all started when Todd Goldstein, one of FlipIP’s founders went to Google and typed “sell my patent” into the search box.  What came back were “invention help” websites that wanted Todd to spend $5000 for them to “help” him with his patent and brokers that wanted to represent Todd in selling his patent in exchange for 25%-40% of the sale price.  Why wasn’t there a simple, straight forward way to sell a patent? 

FlipIp is our attempt to provide that solution.  We admit, patents are hard and complicated and multifaceted and that is part of the reason why the patent market itself complicated.  With FlipIP we don’t think we’ve solved the problem yet, but we do think that we’ve created something that allows the conversation between patent seller and patent buyer to begin in a more transparent and straight forward manner…we hope you agree. 

So, if you have a patent that you are looking to sell, and want a simple, straight forward way to do so, submit your patent on FlipIP today.  

P.S. If you have any ideas for how to make FlipIP better, simpler and more “seller friendly” please let us know.




Eric Hurwitz

Eric is an expert in intellectual property investment and monetization and has lead hundreds of strategic transactions including brand licensing, patent & product licensing, art licensing, sales and distribution partnerships.



Todd Goldstein

Todd is an entrepreneur, investor, advocate for patent holders’ intellectual property rights and is co-founder of LaunchHouse, home to a range of promising idea-stage startups in Northeast, OH.