FLIP IP acquires the rights to intellectual property and formulates and implements monetization strategies to maximize the value of its assets. We use a combination of proven methods including licensing, commercializing and/or selling the patent. Each strategy is based upon the specific patent and markets.

Each new acquisition is a fresh opportunity to reward the people that took the biggest risk by believing that something could be created that had never existed before. Rewarding intellect is a mission to reward that risk and ensure that the incentives are in place for people to keep investing in their own unique ideas.


Eric Hurwitz

Eric is an expert in intellectual property investment and monetization and has lead hundreds of strategic transactions including brand licensing, patent & product licensing, art licensing, sales and distribution partnerships.


Todd Goldstein

Todd is an entrepreneur, investor, advocate for patent holders’ intellectual property rights and is co-founder of LaunchHouse, home to a range of promising idea-stage startups in Northeast, OH.